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All Star Competitive Dance 

Star Spirit has one of the UK’s most highly regarded All Star Dance programmes.  We have competitive teams for Dancers age 6-25 in Jazz, Pom, Contemporary lyrical & Hip hop plus an amazing and unique technique & flexibility programme. 

Star Spirit have represented England at the USASF Dance Worlds in Orlando a total of 12 times and we’re counting down to April 2022 to head out there again with three of our amazing senior teams. 

All-star Dance helps build your child’s self-esteem. The hard work and dedication that goes into practice help improve fitness and skills. All-star Dance also teaches sportsmanship, teamwork, and the will to win. Through our program, your child will: improve skills, develop a strong work ethic, teach responsibility, develop accountability, & teach teamwork.



FUNdamentals is our newest Non Competitive Dance program that allows athletes to learn the basics of Jazz, Pom & Hip Hop.  This program is open to kids ages 6 to 12 and introduces the basics of technique, flexibility and performance. 

Dancers will work with their teams and perform a routine for family in the gym.    They will also collect achievement awards on their skill progression charts helping them track all the amazing things they have learned.

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