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Daytime Playtime

We offer Daytime Playtime for toddlers and preschoolers every Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm to 3pm. We welcome everyone to this event dedicated to your children. It’s a fun and safe environment for your kids. We offer all our specialist tumbling equipment arranged to create an obsticle course to push your Childs motor skills, balance and control. Along side this we have hoops, foam stepping stones, bean bags and lots more to keep your Childs imagination working through play!

Twice per week £5 drop in or Punch Cards £30 for 7 Sessions

Project Alpha


Project Alpha is our Nerf blaster event…..its Star Spirit but not as you know it!

We turn off the gym lights, crank up the coloured mood lighting, scatter the equipment on the floor and let battle commence!!

We have a selection of blasters to use or bring your own for that extra bit of fire power. Ammo and safety glasses provided.

Each event starts off with some aiming practice before moving onto some battle scenarios then team battles.

Our nerf events are available for birthday parties just email for more info.