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Private Terms and Conditions

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By signing up for privates in your chosen discipline you accept that the fee amount sent out to you via the email address provided by you in your parent portal will be paid, alongside any other class fees, at the beginning of each month. We require cancellation of a private slot by the 23rd of the month in writing to hello@starspirit.co.uk, if this is missed then the fees for the next month must be paid. Your child may still attend privates for that paid month.

As with any sporting activity accidents may occur, by agreeing to these terms and conditions you will not hold Star Spirit or any member of its staff responsible for such accidents. As part of the one to one nature of private your child may be filmed performing a skill for playback and review within the teaching process, these videos maybe used in future for marketing and social media. By agreeing to this you give permission to Star Spirit to use these images, you may as for them to be removed at any time by emailing hello@starspirit.co.uk

Privates are a good way to enhance skill development but do not guarantee that skills are reached without hard work and determination. Star Spirit staff are trained to deliver skill development using varying methods. The development of correct technique and safety during a skill is of upmost importance and an athlete will only work on skills at their correct level.

Punctuality is important within any class setting but is more so in a one to one environment. You acknowledge that your child will be ready for the private slot they have been assigned and that where possible they will be warmed up and ready to work, maximising teaching time. If you are going to be late for a private we ask that you notify Star Spirit ASAP by emailing hello@starspirit.co.uk it will be at the discretion of the coach if the time can be made up. This also goes for illness and other unforeseen eventualities.

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